5 Beauty Tip Errors To Avoid

In the wide world of beauty, we all want to find ourselves with some good tips to help us with whatever it is that we’re self-conscious about.

While for some it’s their skincare, for others it’s their makeup game.

In reality there’s a beauty tip for everything you can think of out there… However there are some you should definitely be avoiding. Here’s 5 beauty tip errors to avoid.

1. Toothpaste For Spots:

Using toothpaste for spots is often regarded as a great beauty hack, and while there are numerous websites who say that this tip works, it’s more likely to actually aggravate your spots than anything.

This is because of the harsh chemicals inside toothpaste, like fluoride, which aren’t great for the skin in quantities you’ll find them in toothpaste.

2. Home Teeth Whitening:

The reality is that there aren’t many things that can whiten your teeth at home, especially using things like Lemon or Baking Soda. In fact Lemons are simply going to strip the enamel away from your teeth, making them more likely to stain and weakening them at the same time.

One good teeth whitening product is activated charcoal, but since you don’t typically find this around the house I don’t think it counts as a DIY home teeth whitening idea.

3. Needles For Dermabrasion:

There are loads of products out there that can help you with micro-dermabrasion at home. It used to be that you could only get it done in salons or cosmetic clinics, but not anymore. So of course hundreds of sites started giving their DIY beauty tip advice about this particular topic.

Well, using needles to prick your skin over and over isn’t the best idea. Number one it doesn’t work in the same way that real products do. More importantly though you’re setting yourself up to get a nasty infection which could lead to life threatening septic shock.

4. Detox:

Detoxes are used for everything from ‘clearing up your skin’ to ‘cleansing your colon’.

In reality detoxes are pretty nasty for beauty regimens. Since most detoxes will make you drastically cut calories, usually just down to fibrous vegetables, it means that you’ll struggle to get more than a few hundred calories in per day.

Worse still is that Protein which isn’t found in high quantities in vegetables is the main macro-nutrient that helps you replenish your skin and in fact, all the cells in your body to keep you looking good and feeling healthy.

Most people could simply benefit from having a higher protein intake for a week or two.

5. Nail Strengthening:

Nails are made up of the same thing as hair. Keratin.

This means that they’re largely grown through proteins, and therefore, better growth can be attained through a better protein intake.

Simply put, using nail strengthening kits are largely a waste of money since they don’t actually strengthen your nails. They simply put a barrier between the nail and a top coat of varnish. This means that your nails aren’t getting stronger, and since you’re adding a layer on top you’re making growth more difficult, creating weaknesses in the nails themselves.

So these products are really just making you need them more and more, rather than giving you a good base for later.


In conclusion, most of the beauty tips out there are plain wrong. So it’s important to know what to listen to and be a little bit of a skeptic when you can.

One of my favorite sites is HackYourselfPretty which is where I get most of my beauty tips, knowledge and insight.

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