5 Ideas To Innovative Storage For Small Bathrooms That Will Blow Your Mind

Have you ever considered what life would be like without one or all of your bathrooms in your home? We, homeowners, tend to overlook just how critical the bathroom; bathrooms are one of the smallest yet most frequently used rooms in any home or apartment. Since it is used for soaking in the tub, brushing teeth, washing the dog, or a makeshift sailboat for the kids, it’s not uncommon for the bathroom to be cluttered with a multitude of objects. Toothbrushes, hairbrushes, makeup, soaps, towels, paper products and hair irons are just a few amongst the plethora that tends to crowd our countertops and clutter out storage space. For those that are guilty of contributing to this confusion, don’t panic, there is hope. Follow these simple tips to transform and keep your bathroom organized.

1.Maximize Door Space

Like most typical bathrooms, you probably have either a towel rack or a mirror on the back of your bathroom door. But there are better ways to utilize this space. By painting the back of the door the part that faces the interior of the bathroom with magnetic paint, you’ll not only get to liven up the room with an accent “wall” of sorts but also, you’ll be able to store more. The door will allow you to hang more than just towels, including other baskets to hold soaps, washcloths, shampoos, and other miscellaneous items.

2.Sky’s the Limit

Smaller bathrooms tend to feel cramped because we automatically think of using every square inch of floor space. Instead, look to the ceilings. If you don’t want to add a shelving unit, considering hanging decorative wicker baskets in a variety of sizes to create unique flair. When determining what style storage unit is right for you, always think tall and slim rather than short and squat; tall units usually offer more storage space. Check out a great range of shower baths here at bathroom city.

3. Let It Hang Dry

Are you tired of collecting damp or soaked towels that wind up lumped together in the hamper attracting mildew? Or are you plagued by the hand towel that never seems to dry? Take a tip from your kitchen. By adding a sliding drawer with horizontal metal rods, you can conveniently store damp towels under or next to sinks, allowing them proper time to dry.

4. Shower with It

For busier homes, keeping everyone’s individual shower products separated yet organized can be a nightmare. Why not keep everything you use in the shower, well, in the shower? Install metal rod units in the shower stall itself that include sectioned off baskets or areas. In these areas, keep His and Her items separated and avoid the “Who used all my conditioner?” argument altogether.

5. Cut It Out

Literally. If there is not enough space already existing in your bathroom, cutting into the walls that already built. Examine the existing walls; is your toilet sectioned off, do you have a blank wall that meets your tub, or is there space above your toilet? If you can say “Yes” to any of these questions, you have space to use! Areas that are sectioned off can utilize by cutting into this wall to add storage space and a decorative element to your bathroom. This is a great area to store colorful towels or candles. Or, cut out a slim additional medicine cabinet to store items be sure to include a locking mechanism to keep kids away from objectionable contents. Some bathrooms feature tubs that are flush with walls.