Bathmate Versus Penomet

For me Bathmate is the leading company for Penis Pumps. Having tried other Penis Pumps i’m ashamed to say, they just don’t match up to Bathmate.  At this point I would like to add that i’m not paid by anyone to say this. Which unfortunately Penomet seems to do.

Having tried Penomet I was left in pain and seriously out of pocket.  And then went on to try Bathmate.

Bathmate is seriously the best I have ever tried. Being a 49 year old man with a small Penis and the inability to get or maintain an erection due to ill health I feel I can speak of the pro’s that Bathmate has. No pain, obviously a very large plus. Ease of use. Results.  Cleaner. And for someone who hasn’t been able to get or maintain an erection since he was in his early twenties, Bathmate has given me a new lease of life.

I have tried everything from pills to diet and Penis pumps like Penomet, who in my opinion fall short in every way compared to bathmate.

Bathmates support was amazing too, after using Penomet I was extremely dubious about trying another pump. So I called up Bathmate and was reassured by the lovely chap on the end of the line.

I really cannot say enough that Bathmate has changed my life. But it truly has. I avoided being intimate with my partner as I always felt like I was letting her down in that department. But with Bathmate I really shouldn’t have worried.

Penomet didn’t even manage to give me an erection whereas Bathmate showed results only after 3 weeks. My partner and I are so happy we just wanted to let everyone know that Bathmate really does work, and wow the results have been amazing.

Having suffered with ill health you tend to resign yourself to having no sex life and that made me sad for my partner whom always said that it didn’t matter and she loved me no matter what, but for me as a man i suffered from disbelief and penis envy of every other man, always thinking she would go off and leave me. A massive thankyou to Bathmate.

Oh how I wish that I hadn’t believed the hype that Penomets website would have you believe. And since, having read articles,  I’m relieved to say I’m not the only one who has suffered with pain and soreness by using Penomet. I think you believe that you are doing it wrong or it was because of my illness, but I truly believe Penomet is just an inferior product. Bathmate is truly my best mate now. My partner and I truly have an amazing love life. I really could kick myself for even trying Penomet, I cannot express enough that Penomet is really an inferior pump in my opinion.

Even the look and feel of Bathmate is far superior to the Penomet pump which feels and looks cheap. If there is one last thing that I can say to any guys out there reading this, it’s that Bathmate is truly an outstanding product and I can’t thank Bathmate enough.