Knowing the Different Types of Windows That Are Used In Houses

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Windows are an important part of any home. They serve functions for lighting. They also can give you beautiful views of the outdoors. More than that, they can shape the entire look of your house. There are so many different kinds of house windows available. Some are easy to install. Some are not… Here are some type of windows for you to consider.

Fixed windows

Fixed windows are not used for ventilation. They will not open or close. One good example is a large picture window. You may often see these in living rooms. There are other types of fixed windows, also. Glass block windows make an interesting design. They appear as small, three dimensional cubes of glass. They are opaque. Light can enter them. However, they also afford privacy. People cannot see in.

Bay windows will make a room appear larger than it is. They will let in a lot of daylight, also. These windows project from the wall of the house. One large window will be featured in the middle. Side windows will fit against it, at an angle. Bow windows have similar appearance to bay windows. They also project from the exterior wall. There may be several windows that form a slight curve, outward.

Windows that open and close

These types of windows will open or close. This way you can let fresh air into the house. Two of the most common type of windows are double-hung and single-hung. Double-hung windows will have two windows. One window will be on top of another. The outside window will slide down. The inside window will slide up. Single-hung windows appear similar. However, the inside window will slide up. The outside window remains fixed. These windows may also be referred to as sash windows. This is because the windows slide up and down within the frame. Most of these windows in modern homes are double-glazed which is good for both security and keeping the home warm. You can view a wide range of beautiful double-glazed windows here.

Casement windows, another type of open and close window have been around for many years. These windows have hinges on the side. They are crank operated. Some of them open inward. Some open outward. Older houses will often have two casement windows that meet in the middle. Shutters will cover the outer area. This is for weather protection. When these windows have bottom hinges, they are hopper windows. If they have top hinges, they are awning windows.

Picture Windows

These apertures are ideal for places that require plenty of sunlight, fresh air, and never bothered by hustle-n-bustle of the outside world. You can use these structures in the large living (or dining) area of your apartment; and sometimes they are even good in the cozy bedroom. Irrespective of the type, Picture Windows are always able to add elegance to your home.

Windows have many purposes in the house. They are often used to let fresh air in. They are good for lighting, too. Some windows are fixed and others are operable. You will see many types of windows in homes, today. Sash windows are very common. They slide up or down in their frames. Some windows slide sideways, also.

If you are adding house windows, consider all of these options first, and always keep in mind that you’ll want to opt for windows that have the double-glazing option to get the best possible quality window.