What are Double Glazed Windows?

Designed to increase insulation and sealed to prevent drafts, double glazed windows are desirable wherever windows are needed. The two panes of glass, separated by a “dead” space that usually contains an inert gas, create an effective thermal barrier between the inside and the outside. Spacers, usually made of thin gauge steel or aluminum, hold the glass in place. To prevent condensation between the panes, the desiccant is often installed within the spacer between the glass layers. Manufactured specifically to slow the transfer of heat or cold, double glazed windows are a welcome addition to any room.

Double glazed windows come in many styles and sizes, with a variety of additional options. From sash and casement windows to fixed windows and skylights, a double glazed window can be found to fit any need. Popular options include multi-pane decorative frames placed between the layers of glass and tinting to protect items within the room from sun damage. Coating with a clear film of polyester or metal also helps protect from sun damage and may provide a reflective surface for added privacy.

Double glazed windows are considered a sound investment. Over time, the savings in heating and cooling expenses will more than exceed the cost of the windows. How long it takes to break even depends on the climate, the type of energy used and the local cost of that energy. For both new construction projects and upgrades to existing structures, double glazed windows are typically a cost-effective investment worth consideration.

Installing double glazed windows requires knowledge and skill. Incorrect installation may result in damage to the window or reduced efficiency. For an experienced do-it-yourselfer with the proper tools, installing the windows may be an option. In most instances, to safeguard against problems and protect the investment already made in the windows, a professional should be consulted.

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Many considerations come to mind when changing the look of your home or building one. You have to keep in mind the air conditioning for proper temperature regardless of season, a warm and cozy feeling, reduced noise levels for serenity in the home and above all everyone wants a beautiful home. With the increased prices on all building items, gaining the perfect balance of price and quality while maintaining your needs can prove to be difficult. Toss all economic fears by getting double glazed windows. Installing them in your house gives you an instant change in the look and feel of your home. They not only give your home the beauty and coziness it deserves, but they are gentle on your pocket.

Why you should choose double glazed windows


1. Temperature regulation

No one needs to accumulate high air-conditioning bills; just get double glazed windows. They keep your home warmer during winter yet cooler in the hot summer season. Minimal heat escapes from the house, keeping the internal environment warm during cold seasons, meaning that you use less electricity to keep your home warm. During summer, given that it is hotter outside, minimal heat gets into the house, again keeping your house cooler during summer.

2. Security

They are more resistant to shock more that singe-glazed windows. This increases the safety of your home significantly. Burglars will not find it easy to break in by crashing windows and you do not have to worry about the occasional ball thorn into the window.

3. Little maintenance

You no longer have the additional cost of painting nor regularly replacing your windows. They last longer and require minimal maintenance. Additionally, if one of them does break, you can have windows replaced with those of various designs giving your home a stylish look. No more worries about the difference in windows being noticed. If you live in an insect prone area, they have the additional benefit of having rot and termite resistant frames.

4. Environmental Friendly

For those with environment concerns close to heart, enjoy knowing these windows reduce the percentage of carbon emissions from your home. A reduction in the fuel you consume to keep your home warm means you play a part in reducing the proportion of carbon emissions.